GIMP 2.7.1 on Ubuntu 10.04

The GIMP development team has unleashed today (not yet on the official website) another development release of their popular image manipulation software. The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) 2.7.1 comes with lots of improvements, new functions and many bug fixes. Among these, we can mention support for layer groups, support for multi-column dock windows, improved single-window mode, Photoshop CS4 keyboard shortcuts, RGB565 support, GEGL updates, and many more.

Highlights of GIMP 2.7.1:

  • � The Layers, Paths and Channels dialogs received a "lock content" button;
  • � Added layer groups support;
  • � Improved the export/save functionality;
  • � Multi-column dock windows are now supported;
  • � Cleaned up the user interface by introducing two new classes: GimpImageWindow and GimpDockWindow;
  • � The toolbox-window-hint setting from gimprc was replaced with dock-window-hint;
  • � Added single-window mode - with tabs! (it is still incomplete);
  • � Added Photoshop CS4 keyboard shortcuts in ps-menurc;
  • � Better highlighting with the Free Select Tool;
  • � The program's language can now be changed from the preferences dialog (interface section);
  • � The Toolbox no longer appears in the Recently Closed Docks list, it is now accessible directly from the Windows menu;
  • � The desaturate tool received and icon;
  • � Added a new crop guide overlay: Rule of fifths;
  • � Improved text editing/attribute settings;
  • � Alt+Click on layers no longer affects the active layer;
  • � script-fu's scheme was updated;
  • � The csource plugin received support for RGB565;
  • � Added grunge/texture brushes created by Johannes Engelhardt;
  • � Added more documentation for developers;
  • � Fixed many annoying bugs;
  • � Updated many translations;
  • � and many more!


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